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About Us

In 1985, Pearl Technologies Inc. started as a small company with a simple product line of plastic punches and the determination to revolutionize flexible film bag manufacture by providing quality products and first class customer service.

One innovation led to another and soon the company was gaining industry-wide respect with distribution to over 35 countries worldwide. Today, Pearl Technologies is recognized as a leader in the plastics industry with over two-dozen patents, a lineup of over 3,000 solution-driven products, to thousands of customers in every continent of the world. All of designing, manufacturing and operating take place in our 41,000 square foot headquarters located in Savannah, NY.

We design and build standard and custom high-speed machine attachments for punching holes, perforating and slitting for the converting industry. We also offer blown film extrusion process enhancements that improve film quality at higher outputs and reduce maintenance.

Pearl can be counted on to make any unique application better than anyone! Our success and reputation are built on our ability to meet any unique application request from our customers and our outstanding customer service, innovation, quality, speed and delivery. We practice these principles every day. They define who we are and what our brand stands for.


 Pearl Technologies employee group picture with large gusset board Pearl Technologies' display at Converters Expo 2017.
Pearl Technologies participated in the Corporation Fair on July 21st for RIT's annual SMASH program. Pearl's engineer visiting the RIT Blown Film Lab to help quote the donation of a Spreader Bar to the lab line.



Blown film extrusion equipment and line attachments such as bubble guides, rollerless cage arms, gusset boards, collapsing frames, pre-nip chillers, and spreader bars.

Converting equipment and attachments for the flexible packaging and nonwoven industries such as slitters, punches, cutters, blades, spreader bars (bowed rolls), crimpers, wicketing attachments, perf attachments, and punching units.