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  Pearl can be counted on to provide quality product solutions for any unique application faster and better than anyone in the industry! We have over 50 years of experience within our engineering department, enabling us to design and build custom equipment for any application. Building high-speed machine attachments for punching holes, perforating and slitting is something we do every day. We also carry a full line of punches, slitter blades, air cylinders, ball and die punches, and perforation blades. Most units for handle hole, hanger hole, wicketing and hole punching are stocked and ready for shipment. We even offer trade-in and “on-your-line” demo trial programs.

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Pearl's Air Cylinders

Pearl's Ball Punches
Pearl's Continuous Motion Punch Units Pearl's Cross Web Perf and Perf Blades Pearl's Drawstring Swipecut Pearl's Flexible Base Unit Pearl's Folding Boards
Pearl's Handle Hole Punches Pearl's Handle Hole Unit Pearl's Hanger Hole Punches Pearl's Hanger Hole Unit
Pearl's Notcher/Nicker and Slitter Blades Pearl's Rapid Static Eliminator Ionizer Pearl's Rotary Perf Pearl's Round Hole Punches
Pearl's Safety Cutters Pearl's Slitter Attachments Pearl's Universal Punch Units Pearl's Vent Hole and Tear Notch Punches Pearl's Vent Punch Units
Pearl's "V" Cut Punch Units Pearl's Wicket Punch "Lightning Series" Pearl's Wicket Lightning Unit Pearl's Wicket Hubs


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