Roundtable On Extrusion Equipment

roundtable extrusion

Flexible Packaging — June 2016

Q: It seems that changeovers and purging times are still some of the big things that contribute to waste when it comes to extrusion equipment. What’s being done to help minimize waste? 
Pearl Technologies’ products are always designed to increase ease of use and quick changeovers. On the extrusion side of our business, Pearl continues to innovate in process enhancements that offer extruders flexibility in bubble management while minimizing waste. For example, innovations allowing quick transitions from a gusseted application to a non-gusseted product, without having to stop production for an extended period of time, creates flexibility and versatility that allow film producers to increase the range of use and the output of their lines.
Pearl is the uncontested leader of gusset boards and collapsing frames. Our gusset boards, with removable or even automated retractable tips, coupled with our new actuators, make changeovers in a matter of minutes, not hours, while also enhancing safety. Other upgrades include our low coefficient of friction engineered materials in bubble cages, or in web management after the nips. Teflon rollers and idler rollers eventually wear or stop turning and without constant maintenance lead to marking, pinching and tearing of the film. Pearl’s fixed idlers create uniform tension between primary and secondary nips for better quality rolls.
Q: With films and resins changing so regularly, how does your company best stay up with the latest industry trends?
Pearl Technologies invested in a technology and application lab. We work closely with our customers to test their films and applications with our innovative products. We have the ability to measure friction and drag on different films, at different temperatures, allowing us to qualify the best cover material for our slats, arms, rollers, etc. This prompted us to develop our new SM-28 wear-surface this year, the most slippery and durable in our history. Our worldwide distribution network is also a great tool, allowing us to identify industry trends through new requests from our customers. Not a day goes by without Pearl being asked for a new application!