Ball & Die Punching Unit 

Engineered for Non-Stopping Webs 

The Standard C-Frame Unit uses industry standard ball and dies as well as our own two-piece design. Our C-frame allows you to adjust die height, change the plunger and remove the air cylinder without any additional tools. The Larger Diameter C-Frame uses our custom two- piece low profile punch and die design. 
Our Cross Web Ball and Die design allows for hole punching in the middle of continuous motion webs. It contains a built-in alignment system to ensure the balls are centered over the dies. The Cross Web Ball and Die can be placed anywhere across the web. 

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Optional pivot mount assembly available forretrofitting to existing units in the field 
  • Optional slug removal system 
  • Optional electrical and pneumatic controls 
  • Custom designs 

Side Rail Ball & Die

Adjustable throat depth.  Available in 6”, 8” and 12” throat depths. Adjustable die height to allow for resharpening. Standard C-Frame: Max hole size 7/16″; Large Diameter: Max hole size 1-1/2″; Pivoting C-Frame: Max hole size 1-1/2″. 

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Cross Rail Ball & Die

Accommodates punch diameters up to 2.5”. Built-in alignment system. Adjustable die height allows for resharpening. A Size Unit: Max Diameter .5″; B Size Unit: Max Diameter 1″; C Size Unit: Max Diameter 1.5″. 

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Die Button & Ball Punches

We offer two different style punch sets for ball and die. Performance punches offer a longer life and the best cut quality, which minimize line downtime. Value punches provide good cut quality and durability at an affordable price. 

Ball Punches & Die Buttons Datasheet
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