This is the bubble’s first contact! Teflon rollers wearing lead to marking, pinching and tearing of the bubble. It is not uncommon to see in most applications a bubble that is backed off from the rollers; however, this prevents you from getting the benefit you paid for.

Pearl offers exact retrofits to upgrade your existing cage with our SM24 “Extreme Slip” surface technology.

Operational Benefits:

  • Pearl’s SM24 “Extreme Slip” arms will not leave marks in even the most sensitive or tacky films
  • Better stabilization through positive contact
  • Maintenance free compared to Teflon rollers
  • Designed to be exact retrofits for most manufacturers – no drilling or modifications needed
  • Extremely durable (we have never replaced an arm since their introduction in 1998)


The first place that the film makes contact after it leaves the extruder is the bubble stabilization cage. Pearl utilizes its patented SM24 arm technology, which makes bubble control both blemish and maintenance free.

These arms feature Pearl’s SM24 “Extreme Slip” surface technology.

Operational Benefits

  • Will not stick to the bubble or mark it
  • Adds stability to the bubble, yielding higher output speeds
  • Contact on the entire circumference of the bubble surface for effective bubble cooling


Why have an expensive extrusion line and then use makeshift stabilizers (i.e. cardboard tubes, 2×4’s, broomsticks, etc.) that are rarely centered and more often than not don’t even touch your bubble evenly, if at all to guide your bubble?

Pearl offers the best of our cage technology in its simplest form as a bubble guide to perfectly center the bubble between the die and the nips leading to better film gauge.

Operational Benefits

  • Available in 2, 3 or 4 levels
  • Features Pearl’s blemish-free SM24 “Extreme Slip” surface technology
  • PLC Actuation control with digital positioning feedback deliver process repeatability and consistency in film quality

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