One of the most critical contact areas is the collapsing tent. Optimum film quality and output requires as little friction as possible while maintaining some friction for bubble stability. Pearl has proven to have the lowest COF tent products on the market.

Operational Benefits:

  • 5-10% output increase over standard wooden slats
  • Improves:
    • roll quality
    • film clarity
    • better gauge
    • wrinkle reduction
  • Virtually maintenance free

Traditional rollers require constant maintenance to clean up sticky residue, building up on rollers and locking up bearings which can create:

  • scratched film
  • bubble sag
  • flat spotting
  • inconsistent drag/resistance also creating bubble sag
  • residue transfer to the bubble

… all of which can lead to bad rolls and costly customer complaints!

Additional Variants:

  • Pre-Fab custom insert panels:  In addition, Pearl designs and manufactures custom pre-fab insert panels for quicker, simpler installations.  As an example, we could provide 4-6 custom panels that will bolt onto your existing frame in a fraction of the time required to install 80 individual slats and backers.
  • Complete collapsing frames:  Pearl also can design and build replacement collapsing frames for applications that have been damaged or in need of different dimensions or when replacing airboard systems. Pearl’s retrofits utilize the actuation and mounts currently in place.


Operational Benefits:

  • Better roll edges by keeping the bubble stabilized left to right in the tent
  • Simple retrofit that install into any application
  • Modern custom mechanical actuation system to move them in and out
  • Adjust the angle to match the bubble

Ask the experts!

Side guides can be purchased with any of Pearl’s slat surface technologies. For more technical information, a quotation or consultation, please contact our Extrusion Technical Sales Team at or call +1 (315) 365-3742.

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