Wrinkles in the film can be caused for a variety of different reasons. Regardless of the reason, Pearl’s innovative Spreader Bars will correct wrinkle issues at almost any point downstream past the upper nip rollers.

Operational Benefits:

  • No moving parts during operation
  • Effective on even the thinnest of films
  • Vertical bow adjustment via End Adjustment or EZ-Adjust Spreader Bars
  • Great for film lane separation
  • Remote control units available for hard-to-reach locations
  • Bow coverings include SM24 “Extreme Slip” hard-coat or ultra-low friction plastic
  • Works well on a variety of materials and thicknesses

This is the least expensive yet most effective defense against wrinkles.For more technical information, a quotation or consultation, please contact our Extrusion Technical Sales Team at extrusion@pearltechinc.com or +1 (315) 365-3742.

For all other questions, please email sales@pearltechinc.com.