Pearl’s ultra-low friction airless units are the perfect alternative to the high maintenance of costly air bars. Designed around a very rigid and lightweight Aluminum extrusion, these can include a variety of Pearls most advanced low friction materials.

Operational Benefits:

  • Reduced surface contact area by 75%
  • Can utilize any of Pearl’s surface technologies
  • Eliminates maintenance for plugged air holes
  • Options include a variety of custom end journal designs to retrofit into almost any application


Introduced in 2015, this product has already been successful in initial installations, removing the issue of seized bearings in idlers while creating uniform tension between primary and secondary nips for better rolls.

Operational Benefits:

  • Low friction technology
  • High wear resistance
  • Utilizes replaceable wearstrips
  • Reduces the amount of surface contact by over 75%
  • Indexable so that different surfaces can applied in seconds

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