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For over 30 years, Pearl Technologies has been providing innovative services and solutions for the plastics industry. In our efforts to continue to deliver unique value to our customers, we have designed an Application Lab, which is used for pre-testing customer material or samples. Customers send us a sample and we run it on our line. We examine the results and will recommend the best punch attachment unit or punch for each unique customer application. Results are shared with the customer, making the right product choice easy and risk-free knowing that you will achieve the same results when implemented into your production line.

Below are a just a few of the options available when requesting testing with the Application Lab:

  • Side-by-side analysis on different punch attachments
  • Pre-testing of customer supplied film or samples
  • Trials for both continuous or intermittent applications
  • And much more
Call today to learn more about this testing option, which will save both time and money!

Pearl likes to go the extra mile for the community.  Whether it’s cooperative internships, job shadowing, or classroom presentations, it is this commitment that has driven us to partner and sponsor various programs and initiatives.

  • In 2016, Pearl returned to RIT to continue to show its support for SMASH
  • Since 2015, Pearl has participated in the Sodus High School Job Shadowing Program, where seniors spend 40 hours learning about what it’s like to work in the “real world”
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