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Understanding Pre-Nip Chillers & Spreader Bars From Pearl Technologies

Looking to cool down your film for better quality, or prevent wrinkles on blown film? Pre-nip chillers and spreader bars from Pearl are just what you need. Learn more about these products in this blog post – and see if they’re right for your manufacturing operation.

Pre-Nip Chillers Keep Your Film Cool & Protect Quality

The final critical contact area for film is just prior to the nips – where the film will be pressed together to form a plastic roll. Unfortunately, this area is rarely utilized properly by manufacturers.

This is where Pre-Nip Chillers come in. This unique product uses full layflat contact chilling right before the nips – and chills both sides of the collapsed tube equally. This helps prevent film blocking without the use of costly anti-blocking additives.

Depending on the process you use, Pre-Nip Chillers can boost production output by 10-20% or more – with some customers reporting a 50% increase for thick films. Using a Pre-Nip Chiller, you can keep your film lines running at temperatures that are 30-50° F cooler – which means you’ll benefit from faster output as well as higher overall product quality.

With 4, 6, and 8-slat versions available, Pre-Nip Chillers are a great investment if you’re struggling to maintain proper production output in your blown film manufacturing line.

Spreader Bars For A Wrinkle-Free Film Finish

If you’re working with blown film, you know how important it is to have a wrinkle-free finish. If you’re having trouble with wrinkles and inconsistency in your product line, Spreader Bars from are a great cost-effective solution.

Unlike the competition, our spreaders have no moving rollers. Instead, the film flows over a uniquely bowed spreader, which can easily be adjusted for deflection – even with a moving web.

This process smooths out the film, preventing the possibility of wrinkles. And because it’s self-cleaning, has no moving parts, and is very simple in design, Pearl Technologies Spreader Bars can be placed in multiple locations throughout the production process – ensuring you always get smooth film that’s never scratched or stretched.

Whether you’re looking for a solution for blown film extrusion, or you are in the industry of bag and pouch making, laminating, printing, or nonwovens, the Pearl Spreader Bar is the ideal solution for addressing wrinkles in your production.

Contact Pearl To Learn More

Think that a Pre-Nip Chiller or a Spreader Bar may be right for you? Wondering if you can use any of our other products to enhance your manufacturing operation?

If you have more questions, want more technical information, or are interested in a quote for our products, feel free to contact us online, email us at, or give us a call at (315) 365-3742. Our sales team is always standing by to help you!

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