Actuators and Adjustors

Additional options for a control system. 

Pearl’s Custom Actuation Control Systems includes a touchscreen that gives operators a digital readout of locations and allows for storage of specific recipes, therefore reducing setup times and scrap. 
Pearl also offers Post Gusset Adjusters that move the top of gusset left and right (fine tune adjustment). A second Knob moves the top of gusset in and out (can be motorized). The adjusters come with a locking shaft clamp for attachment. The shaft can be made as long as needed to obtain full range of motion. 

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Three different actuator designs for your needs: manual, motorized, and motorized with feedback. 
  • Post Gusset adjusters that can be ordered and designed to any length. 

Manual Actuation

Hand-wheel or slider operated.  Locking knobs or levers prevent moving.  Independent control of each gusset board. 

Motorized Actuation

Gear motor operated with push button controls. Limit switches define range of motion. Independent and/or combined control. 

Motorized Actuation with Feedback

Servo motor operated with touchscreen control. Independent and/or combined control. Digital readout of locations. Recipe storage reduces setup and scrap. 

Post Gusset Adjsuters

Precise adjustments in 3 different directions. Less scrap in setup procedures. Fits on any post gusset; fits on 1-1/2” gear shaft.  

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