Multi-Punch Unit 

Perfect for Vent Punching!

The Multi-Punch Unit (MPU) is a simple, single unit with manual or Machine Direction (MD) adjustment that is great for vent punching. Run as a single punching unit, multiples, or request a custom rail carriage for more intricate punching applications. No tools necessary. A movable bridge allows punches to be positioned, as desired, across the bar. Cylinder punch assembly changes are quick and easy, simply rotate and slide out the slotted opening and lift out. 

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Standard voltages: 110 VAC, 220 VAC, 24 VDC. Custom sizes and designs available upon request. 
  • Optional individual rail on/off switches, vacuum trays, electrical on/off controls, and/or complete slug removal 

Multi-Punch Unit (MPU)

Minimum hole spacing of 1” TD or 1 ½” MD. Repairable air cylinders or non-rotating cylinders. 

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Gang Punch MPU

The Gang Punch MPU is a simple, single unit with manual or Machine Direction (MD) adjustment that is great for vent punching. Minimum hole spacing of 1” TD or 2 ½” MD.  The extrusion punch rail design allows punches to be positioned across the bar, as desired. Each punch must be adjusted manually to change position or layout. Unit can be combined with other rails to create multiple lanes. 

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