VIP Flexible Packaging Punches

Pouches with Notches Punched Out

Pouches with Notches Punched Out

Punches Make a Different in High-Quality and Consistent Packaging Operations

Choosing the right punch for your flexible packaging operation is essential to ensuring quality and consistency in your product. Knowing how much you need to spend on punches to get the consistent quality you need is a key part of your business value proposition.

Toothed packaging punches offer a proven solution for cutting holes, notes, and tear-aways in most packaging films, laminates, and composites, but key differences in design and manufacturing can affect how an individual punch performs.

Whether you need a highly customized punch for your specialty application, a durable, dependable tool for high-capacity consistency, or simply a reliable, affordable hole-making solution that does the job day after day, here’s what to look for when choosing the right flexible packaging punch for your business.

Pick Your Punch: Value, Impact, Performance

pouch-making punches

As the leading manufacturer of quality toothed punches for flexible packaging manufacturing, Pearl offers three tiers of precision-engineered solutions: our reliable Value punches, our all-new Impact punches designed to deliver quality at scale and our premium Performance punches for unmatched quality.

Value Round Punches Impact Round Punches Performance Round Punches
Cutting Edge Performance Good Better Best
Punch Life 1x 1.5x – 2.5x 4x
Material Carbon Steel
(80-85 HRB)
Pearl Proprietary Metallurgy (20-25 HRC) Stainless Steel
(40-45 HRC)
Coatings Tru-Kote N/A Tru-Kote or Black Pearl
FDA Compliant Yes Yes Yes
Bevel Edge Single Single Double
Ground Edge No No Yes
Compatible with Pearl Adapters (Various Lenghts) Yes Yes Yes
Side Ports Yes Yes Yes
Wrench Flats Yes Yes Yes
Rivets Yes Yes Yes
Variety of Shapes Limited Limited Most
Stock Yes Yes Yes
Custom Limited Shapes and Sizes Limited Shapes and Sizes Yes – Any Shape or Size

Pearl Value Punches

Value punch

Every engineer, line manager, and owner appreciates the value of reliability, predictability, and on-time, on-cost performance day after day. If you are punching largely standardized packaging products using off-the-shelf equipment, you might find the performance offered by Pearl’s Value punch hard to beat. Here’s why:

Quality Materials

Our Value punches are machined using industry-standard cold-rolled steel to match the standards of OEM equipment. Our punches are also available with our tried and true Tru-Kote coating to improve durability.

Quality Edges

Designed to deliver dependable performance when cutting thinner pouch-making laminates and films, our Value punches feature a single-bevel machined edge with either our proven Shark or Tru-Kote tooth profiles.  These punches also work great for creating vent, wicket, hanger, or hand hole shapes too.

Standard Shapes

All Value punch products are circular. Pearl offers our machined punches in a wide variety of standard sizes.

Standard Options

Pearl’s Value punches are made to fit our range of standardized Pearl adapters with different lengths and thread types. In some cases, Value punches can be customized to fit specific OEM equipment or mounts.

The Quality You Need, the Price You Want

If you are not ready to commit to a major investment in highly customized equipment, Pearl’s Value punches deliver dependable quality and reliable performance in a range of standardized formats. That’s guaranteed value you can bank on!

Pearl Impact Punches

Impact Punch for Packaging

With consistent, crisp-edged punching at a competitive price, Pearl’s brand-new Impact punches are designed to make an impression. Created for brands looking to punch above their weight, Impact delivers quality that will delight your customers and worry your competitors. Here’s how:

Cutting Edge Materials

Manufactured with Pearl proprietary metallurgy, Impact punches deliver hardness and edge-holding abilities approaching those of our Performance punches at an affordable price, while still delivering 1.5-2.5 times the durability of our entry-level Value punches.

Next-Level Sharpness

Our Impact punches combine the proven single-bevel machined edge technology of our Value punches with a brand-new tooth design pattern, providing impressive cutting performance on a wide range of films and laminates.

Practical Shapes

Combining performance with practicality, Impact punches are all circular. Currently available in only a few common sizes, Pearl is working hard to roll out a full range of standard-diameter round punches to bring star performance to everyday applications.

Smart Options

Like our Value punches, Impact punches will eventually fit our full range of standardized Pearl adapters with different lengths and thread types for flexibility and affordability.

Punch Above Your Weight

Give your product an added boost with premium-level punching at a competitive price. Put down a marker of quality that will set your brand apart in the marketplace without paying for high-end features or capacity you do not need – yet.

Pearl Performance Punches

Performance - Barracuda tooth profile

For the cleanest possible cuts, especially when punching thicker materials, or for highly customized solutions, look for our premium-quality punches. These precision-made punches offer the best possible hole edge quality using traditional toothed technology and limitless design flexibility. Here’s why:

Premium Materials

Pearl Performance punches are made using high-quality stainless steel. Depending on your film weight, Pearl’s fabricated punches can last up to four times longer than industry-standard cold-rolled steel punches. Users can also choose our Black Pearl and Titanium nitride coatings to further improve corrosion resistance and wearability.

Sharpest Edges

Our Performance punches are all made with ground double bevels on both inner and outer surfaces and feature either our fine Piranha (16 teeth/inch) or sturdy Barracuda (5.3 teeth/inch) tooth pitches to handle any film thickness.

Endless Shapes

Our fabricated punches are available in standard shapes and sizes and can also be custom formed to almost any shape and size up to 10 inches across.

More Options

Punches are available in both standard and metric threads and can also be custom-made to most OEM equipment or mounting systems. In some cases, punches can be fabricated with a two-piece construction allowing the punch itself to be replaced while the adaptor stays in place, offering significant savings.

Performance Today, Savings Tomorrow

While a Pearl Performance Punch will cost more upfront than a machined one, many operators realize improved performance, durability, and reliability that add up to real savings on maintenance, downtime, and machine wear and tear in the long run.

Industry-Leading Service

No matter which Pearl punching solution you prefer, you can expect the same industry-leading levels of technical support and service.

Our engineers are dedicated to helping you find the right punch for the job. If you are unsure of which solution is right for your application, our experienced team is here to help you. In many cases, we can pre-test punches in our in-house Application Lab using supplied samples of your own product materials — often at the same production speeds as your own line.

We’ll help you find the right punch from our large in-stock inventory and a vast library of punch designs or we’ll bring our decades of manufacturing experience to customizing a product for your specific needs.

Above all, we remain dedicated to making sure you have the punch you need when you need it. Most of the time, we can replace in-stock punches with next-day shipping, and we are usually able to remanufacture special order punches within just a couple of weeks.

Pick Pearl Punches for Value, Impact, and Performance

Whether you are an entry-level player packaging your own products or a multi-line converting shop serving the changing needs of diverse clients, Pearl offers you quality when it counts and value when you need it.

Sometimes it makes sense to pay more to lock in the punch hole quality you need today and the savings you’ll make down the line. Sometimes you need to make an impact without breaking the bank. Sometimes you just need dependable quality that keeps overheads low and maintenance outlays predictable. Whatever your flexible packaging punch needs, Pearl has the products and services to help you punch better!

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