Side Guide

Optimum output and film quality require the lowest friction and proper film transition.

Our simple side guide design gives maximum stability, improving roll quality while creating minimum friction. By balancing friction around the bubble in the tent frame, optimum control of the bubble is achieved.

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Almost maintenance-free 
  • Simple retrofit to install into any application 
  • Modern custom mechanical actuation system to move them in and out 

Manual Adjuster

Has manual adjuster for small side guides which do not require a lot of reach. Simply slide into position and tighten levers to hold it in place. The handle adjusts the tilt of the side guide to match your bubble’s angle. Handle may be mounted to the floor or can be installed underneath for adjustment from below. Mounts to mezzanine ceiling with actuator that telescopes in and out for adjustability.

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