Gusset Board

Pearl is the industry expert in gusseting and makes the finest gussets in the world.

Gussets exert more force on the bubble than the tent itself so having a low COF (friction) is critical. Our wrinkle-free, high-quality gussets are made specifically to match your tent and film specifications. By running cooler, they prevent gusset blocking.  Pearl offers unique options such as removable tips, which allow for full layflats without the hassle of removing the gusset boards.  

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Prevent heat buildup, which is often caused by film blocking issues. 
  • Every gusset is custom made and hand crafted for fit and finish to ensure quality. 

Slat-Style Gusset Boards

Our Slat-Style gusset boards consist of a lightweight but sturdy Aluminum air space framework that utilize any of our Pearl’s low coefficient of friction plastic slats and Aluminum backers. All Ultra-Low COF wearstrip covered gussets can be quickly replaced by snapping on new plastic pieces, restoring gussets to like-new condition. 

SM24 Gusset Boards

Our SM24 “Extreme-Slip” Gusset boards consist of welded Aluminum plate, surface-modified over 100% of the surface area with the hardest surface finish and lowest coefficient of friction material available. 

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