Pearl’s Application Lab

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With our focus on delivering unique value to our customers, we have designed the Pearl Application Lab, which is used for pre-testing our punches on actual customer material or samples.

Pearl Application Lab

Test your film on our equipment:

  • Prove performance of Pearl punching and sealing equipment
  • Verify speed and throughput of our equipment
  • Find the best punch for your application
  • Test coefficient of friction for our full line of slat solutions

The lab saves you both time and money!

Making the Right Choice

Simply send us a sample and we will run it on our line, trying to match your manufacturing environment. Upon examining the results, our technical team will recommend the Pearl product(s) that provide the best results for your application. By taking advantage of our Application Lab, you can reduce risk and uncertainty in the buying process by tapping into our extensive experience!

We’ll share the results, which makes your product choice easy and risk-free while giving you peace of mind that you’ll be able to achieve the same results when implemented at your facility.

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Our Mission

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