Air Cylinders 

Designed with durability in mind. 

Pearl air cylinders are longer lasting compared to the competition’s product. Be sure to choose Pearl air cylinders to optimize the performance of Pearl equipment and punches.

Our air cylinders are available in a variety of steel bodies and all come with bumpers designed to protect your equipment. We have excellent stock of air cylinders, for quick order turn-around.

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Non-repairable or repairable
  • Various bore sizes
  • Different stroke lengths
  • Double or single action
  • Optional blow-through hole

Performance Air Cylinder 

Pearl non-repairable air cylinders feature double action cylinders for faster operating speeds.

  • Non-repairable air cylinders provide the most consistent, high-quality results
  • All air cylinders come with bumpers to protect your equipment over time
  • Single-acting spring return design available
  • Custom air cylinders are available on request
Non-Repairable Air Cylinders Datasheet

Value Air Cylinder

Pearl repairable air cylinders allow replacement of components as needed. You can save money by replacing only the worn parts – no need to replace the entire air cylinder every time.

  • Single action design
  • Spring return cylinder extends operational life
  • All air cylinders come with bumpers to protect your equipment over time
  • Repair kits and replacement kits available
Repairable Air Cylinders Datasheet
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