Lightning Unit 

Intermittent Punching

Pearl’s innovative Lightning Units create precision cuts at lightning-fast speeds. Designed with safety in mind, all punches come with a Safety Box, which helps eliminate cuts and injuries due to handling, installation, removal, or maintenance of the punch, keeping your workers safe and simplifying the changeover process.



With the broadest range of equipment and punches, we have the solution to your hole punching requirements.  Through testing, we can identify the best combination of equipment and punches to run at the speed you need, giving you the hole quality you require.  To learn more, visit our Application Lab.

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Custom sizes over 5/8” can be achieved with modified or offset units
  • Punch and die insert sold separately
  • Built-in scale for quick hole spacing adjustments
  • Low maintenance and easy to use
  • Adjustable 3-Headed Wicket Attachment with Seal Saver available
  • Standard Voltages include: 110 VAC, 220 VAC, 24 VDC and 24 VAC

Lightning Attachment

Tool-less punch changes in seconds.  Punches snap in and out with ease.  No more customer rejects.  Patented clamp extends punch life.  Custom gaps and shapes. Eliminate weak seal blowouts with optional seal saver head. 

Safety Box

No more accidental cuts from handling, installing or removing the punch with our Safety Punch Enclosure.  Teeth are never exposed outside of the enclosure so there is no way to hit it or damage the teeth while installing.  Installation is easy and saves a great deal of time during changeover – seconds instead of minutes!  The box is transparent, still allowing operators to see the color coding of the body and punch shape. 
Note:  We can also dispose of used blades. Just send the punch, in its box, back to Pearl. 

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