Flex Sealing Unit 

Change Sealing Style, Pattern, Shape or Size! 

Ideal for sealing both poly bags or pouches. The Flex Sealer has conveniences similar to a our Flex Units, allowing the ability to change sealing style, pattern, shape or size. Simply change the sealer modules (upper, lower and/or middle platen) to create the type of seal required. 


With the broadest range of equipment and punches, we have the solution to your hole punching requirements.  Through testing, we can identify the best combination of equipment and punches to run at the speed you need, giving you the hole quality you require.  To learn more, visit our Application Lab.

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • No tools required, simple mounting and installation 
  • Spring-loaded seal heads with temperature isolation 
  • Independent temperature and timing controls 
  • Available in side rail or cross rail, carriages are optional 

Flex Sealer

Great for gusset sealing applications, reinforced handle seals, angle seals, security seals, pre-sealing, heat crimping and more. 

Small Size:  Sealing Area up to 4” x 4”.
Large Size:  Sealing Area pp to 7” x 7”.

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