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For over 30 years, Pearl has built a reputation for creating some of the very best punches in the world, delivering both on quality and value.

Understanding the VIP Difference:  Value – Impact – Performance

Pearl’s VIP Punches are the best choice for your production needs. Our VIP Punches are designed and manufactured to meet your needs and provide consistent results time after time. Pearl leads the way in providing the widest range in punch options from Value to Performance. Not sure which will work best for you? Review the list below and contact us with any questions: sales@pearltechinc.com or 315-365-3742.

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Performance, Impact, and Value styles to meet your needs
  • Custom sizes available
  • FDA-approved coatings available
  • Proudly made in the USA

Performance Punches

Our top-of-the-line punch product, Performance punches are simply the best punch you can buy.

  • One-piece punch-and-adapter combo
  • Available in any shape or size you require
  • Double-bevel ground stainless steel last 4 times longer than standard punches
  • Two different tooth pitches to handle any film thickness
  • Ask about the coatings we offer, to enhance punch life

Impact Punches

Our Impact Punches offer great cut quality and punch durability at an affordable price.

  • Available only in round hole configurations
  • Two-piece construction allows the punch to be replaced without having to buy a new adapter
  • Single-bevel provides great cut edge quality
  • Lasts 1.5 to 2.5 times longer than our Value Punches, depending on material and application

Impact Flyer

Value Punches

Our Value punches offer an economical hole-making solution.

  • Available only in round hole configurations, TiN coated for optimum life
  • Two-piece construction allows the punch to be replaced without having to buy a new adapter
  • Single-bevel machined steel provide good cut edge quality
  • Two different tooth pitches to handle any film thickness

Lightning Punches and Safety Box

Pearl’s patented Lightning “all-in-one” punch technology means you never have to worry about your punch-to-slit gap being off.

  • Color-coded, for easy and accurate punch-to-slit gap ratio identification
  • Tool-less installation – punches can be changed out in seconds!
  • Available with either a Performance, Impact, or Value punch
  • Individual safety boxes help prevent accidental cuts while handling, installing, or removing the punch
  • Available in any shape, specification, or punch-to-slit ratios

Value Punch Adapters

Our standard adapters work with our Value punches and fit most OEM equipment. These allow the overall punch length to be fine-tuned, as needed.

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