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Extrusion Solutions

Product quality and process speed are key to blown film processors.

The best extrusion line is only as good as its weakest component – Pearl components give you superior performance.

Application Lab & Engineering Support 

With a wide array of options available, let us test the CoF of your film to suggest the best materials for your web guiding and handling needs.  To learn more, visit our Application Lab.

Benefits of Working with Pearl

Pearl provides innovative blown film process enhancements that deliver immediate benefits that help produce better quality film at higher rates of production.

  • Reduced drag and friction 
  • No sticky residue 
  • Increased stability 
  • Induced cooling 
  • Removal of wrinkles 
  • Consistent results for the long-term 

Products Offered

Installed on thousands of lines worldwide over the past 30-plus years, Pearl’s products will make any extrusion line better.  That’s why many OEM’s install Pearl products on their new lines right at the start.  Experience the difference today – better film, faster.

Z-Lift Unit

Adds stability to the bubble, yielding higher output speeds.

Bubble Guide & Arms

Consistent low friction bubble diameter control for stability and repeatability.

Gusset Board

Lightweight, cooler when running, and less drag than wood.

Collapsing Tent & Side Guides

Optimum output and film quality require the lowest friction and proper film transition.

Pre-Nip Chiller

Prevents blocking issues and eliminate the need for expensive additives.

Airless Turning Bars

High quality economical alternative to expensive air bars.

Fixed Non-Turning Idlers

Uniform tension without seized bearings.

Spreader Bars

The least expensive yet most effective defense against wrinkles. 

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