Zero Clearance Punching Units 

Hole Punch Perfection

Our zero clearance punching units reflect Pearl’s commitment to product quality, speed and unparalleled longevity. Nice, clean, crisp holes that won’t propagate a tear. 

Ideal for packaging where hole perfection is required, such as medical packaging or easy-to-tear films. 


Allow us to determine your ideal tolerance. Send us your film and we’ll test it in our Application Lab. Through testing, we can identify the best cut tolerance necessary to run at the speeds you need while providing the high-quality results you require.  To learn more, visit our Application Lab.

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Custom shapes and sizes available
  • Low maintenance, no oil or lubrication necessarily
  • Made in the USA

Performance Zero Clearance Unit 

Sharpenable, allowing for extended unit life. Interchange punch guide and die. Built-in alignment guide to prevent crashes. Longer punch and die life due to material selection. Different sizes (A, B and C) to accommodate different hole sizes. Compact design.

Value Zero Clearance Unit 

Budget-friendly design that boasts excellent hole quality. Cut clean holes in pouches with ease.

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Common Punch Shapes & Sizes 

We stock and manufacture a variety of shapes and sizes from rounds to hanger holes to handle holes and so much more. Don’t see a shape or size you want? Ask about our custom punches and die inserts.

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