Fold Boards 

Save money and downtime by switching to Pearl’s retrofit solutions today. 

Pearl’s Fold Boards help customers save on Teflon tape as well as downtime by utilizing our ultra-low COF plastic wearstrips. If building new isn’t an option, Pearl offers retrofitting solutions for your existing lines. 
Custom made designs are also available for your unique specifications. Fold Boards are easy to install and use. Start improving your web quality today! 

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Optional turn bar, unwind, driven nip roller, and guiding assemblies. 
  • Easy to install and use 
  • Retrofits available to fit your line 
  • Custom built to your specifications 

Folding “V” Board

Switch to Pearl’s folding board design, saving on Teflon tape as well as downtime

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