In-Line Perforating / Venting Unit 

Web-driven or Web-following Solutions 

Pearl’s customizable slit or pin perf unit offers web-driven or web-following solutions for unique perforating applications. The attachment can be modified by adding or subtracting blades from the rubber wheel or perf tooling. These tooling assemblies can do multiple lanes of perfs with large perf patterns. Unique in design, an upper rotary tooth blade plunges down into a rubber coated wheel while the poly web is being pulled through the unit. 
Where other units utilize pressure perforating with an air holder, perf wheel, and lower anvil or bearing, our unit utilizes shearing technology to perforate the moving web. The cut and tie are set by the diameter of the rubber roller, which is determined per the requested cut and tie. 

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Servo-driven with controls 
  • Pin perforating tooling, inline slit and/or micro hole perforating available 
  • Various web widths and diameters available 
  • Mounting available for inline bag making 
  • Various blades sizes available 

In-line Perf Vent

Add or subtract blades from rubber wheel.  

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