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Pearl can be counted on to make any unique application better than anyone! Our success and reputation are built on our ability to meet any unique application request from our customers and our outstanding customer service, innovation, quality, speed and delivery. We practice these principles every day. They define who we are and what our brand stands for.

Converting: Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t have a print, you can send a sample to Pearl and we’ll reverse engineer it. We can also work off sketches or drawings too.

Machined punches: Steel.

Formed Punches: Stainless Steel.

Coatings: Tru-Kote, Black Pearl, uncoated, and special requests, as needed.

Yes, depending on the application and need. We can also make custom punches (shape and size) too.

24VDC, 24VAC, 110VAC, 220VAC

Yes, we make and stock Metric size punches.

We manufacture out of Savannah, NY. We have 2 additional manufacturing facilities in Sheffield, England and Indore, India. We accommodate competitive pricing, purchasing of low volume quantities, and quick delivery!

Pricing is often influenced by volume – the more pieces we can run in a batch, typically the lower our production costs are. We do offer discounts and sales throughout the year so make sure you’re subscribed to our Marketing Emails to take advantage of these deals.

Extrusion: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Pearl has experienced extrusion experts who can review your situation in the field and make recommendations. In most cases, this is done as a courtesy to prospective customers, however, please be advised that customer visits that require multiple line audits just for the purposes of future budgetary purposes may be subject to a Field Service Charge to cover travel expenses, depending on the customer. Charges for Field Service visits will be credited back when an order is placed for the solutions quoted at 10% of the order value up to the total charge for the field service visit.

Yes. Pearl can evaluate the line dimensions, materials, and product you run, and will correctly size the new gusset system for you free of charge.

If you have wooden slat collapsing frames or worn-out collapsing frames, absolutely. Replacing wood slats with Pearl’s Ultra-low COF slats and backers will reduce the existing drag that you are getting from wood frames. Our air channel technology allows them to run cooler and without any blemishing left behind by the wood. Typically, users see increases in usable output run 10-20% and higher, depending on the process and providing there is additional capacity in the extruder.

Yes, in a big (and bad!) way. Shorter gusset boards reduce the transition distance needed to ease the film through gusseting and up through the upper nip rollers without propagating wrinkles. Shorter gusset boards will tend to “stuff the bubble,” which puts stress on the bubble during collapsing and generates wrinkles. Wooden gusset boards will cause a drag differential on adjacent sides of the bubble, which generate chevrons in the bubble. These turn into wrinkles as they go through the nip rollers, resulting in bad film.

These are typically a phenomenon associated with the cage arms. Traditional cage arms with Teflon rollers wear down and trap dirt and particulate between the rollers. This subsequently redeposits on the bubble causing blemishes. Worn Teflon rollers will also cause “chatter” marks in the film. Pearl’s retrofit cage arms eliminate both issues, reduces drag on the bubble, and are very simple to clean – just wipe them off! Pearl has an efficient retrofit design for any OEM bubble cage design. They will be the last cage arms you ever purchase for that machine.