Cage Arms

This is the bubble’s first contact!

Teflon rollers wearing lead to marking, pinching, and tearing of the bubble. It is common to see in most applications a bubble is backed off from the rollers, but this prevents you from getting the benefit you paid for.Pearl offers exact retrofits to upgrade your existing cage with our SM24 “Extreme Slip” surface technology.

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Designed to be exact retrofits for most manufacturers – no drilling or modifications needed
  • Extremely durable (we have never replaced an arm since their introduction in 1998)
  • Maintenance free compared to Teflon rollers
  • Will not leave marks in even the most sensitive or tacky films
  • Custom bubble sensor mounts available upon request

Reifenhauser & W&H

Pearl’s SM24 arms are custom made to retrofit into your existing aluminum castings. No additional hardware is needed.

Sano & Custom Arms

Retrofit arms can be made in any shape or size. The arm shown below is 120” (3050 mm) long. Arms can be covered with our Ultra-Low COF blue plastic or utilize our SM24 extreme surface modified coating.

Doci Retrofits

SM24 arms are made to fit rare and unique cages.

Gammatec Retrofits

Hundreds of cages have been retrofitted with these arms. Complete with metric threads. Bolt on arm and have better film in less than an hour!

Kiefel & Reinhold Arms

Exact retrofits into all iris style cages. Designed to match metric threads and diameters.

Gloucester Retrofits

Simply slip off old troublesome roller arms and slip on one of Pearl’s exact retrofits for quick and easy installation. Experience immediate improvement on your film line.

Alpine & Reinhold Retrofits

Hundreds of cages have been retrofitted with our easy replacement arms. Arms can be installed quickly and easily.

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