UltraFlex HD

Intermittent Punching 

Pearl’s UltraFlex HD attachment gives pouch manufacturers the comparable edge quality of traditional zero clearance units but at a lower cost and with the ease of operation of Pearl’s popular Flex Unit product line. Punch and die plates are interchangeable, eliminating the need to replace the entire unit when different profiles are desired. 



With the broadest range of equipment and punches, we have the solution to your hole punching requirements.  Through testing, we can identify the best combination of equipment and punches to run at the speed you need, giving you the hole quality you require.  To learn more, visit our Application Lab.

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Change punch and die without replacing the whole unit 
  • Rotating assembly allows easy access to the punch for quicker and safer changeovers 
  • Spring loaded web clamp 
  • Designed with blow-thru for slug ejection 
  • Various punch profiles and sizes available 
news ultraflex hd

Small Size 

Ideal for hanger hole profiles. Up to a maximum of 1.375” punch size.  Throat depth of 2.0”.

news ultraflex hd 2

Large Size

Ideal for handle hole profiles.  Up to a maximum of 4.25” punch size.  Throat depth of 3.875”.

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