Turn Bars & Idlers 

High quality economical alternative to expensive air bars. 

Pearl has a better solution for your stationary idler and turning bar needs. Conventional idlers and air-driven stainless-steel turning bars are heavy, expensive to maintain, and difficult to clean. Pearl’s airless idlers and turning bars are lightweight, have no moving parts or bearings to wear out, and do not have air holes which become clogged. With our units, the web travels smoothly and quickly due to Pearl’s advanced surface technology. 
These units are constructed of a specially designed hollow Aluminum core extrusion that minimizes contact with the film as it travels around the bar. Each “petal”, or film contact point on the Aluminum extrusion, is then covered with either Pearl’s low COF plastic slats or SM24 surface-modification, the lowest COF material available in the industry today. This results in a very slippery, drag-free, web support unit. If the exterior slat surface materials do eventually become worn over time, they are quickly, easily, and inexpensively replaced or upgraded. 

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Engineered to Your Needs:

  • Chills both sides of the collapsed tube equally 
  • Prevents film blocking by eliminating the need for expensive anti-blocking additives 
  • Available in 4, 6, and 8 slat versions 
  • Remove sag on unwind 
  • Spreader feature on top slats assist in wrinkle removal prior to entering the nip rollers 

Airless Turning Bars

Pearl’s ultra-low friction airless units are the perfect alternative to the high maintenance of costly air bars. Designed around a very rigid and lightweight Aluminum extrusion, these can include a variety of Pearls most advanced low friction materials.  Eliminates maintenance for plugged air holes. Options include a variety of custom end journal designs to retrofit into almost any application. 

Fixed Non-turning Idlers

Introduced in 2015, this product has already been successful in initial installations, removing the issue of seized bearings in idlers while creating uniform tension between primary and secondary nips for better rolls. Indexable so that different surfaces can applied in seconds. 

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