Product quality and process speed are key to blown film processors. Unfortunately, the best extrusion line is only as good as its weakest component.  Quality dies and air rings can be slowed down by friction on the bubble and by downstream issues on the way to the winder. Teflon, wood, aluminum, silicone, felt and even costly carbon fiber have been used by manufacturers for years, but sticky residue still led to many issues that require regular maintenance.

Pearl has your solution – better film, faster!

 Pearl provides innovative blown film process enhancements that deliver immediate benefits that help produce better quality film at higher rates of production. Benefits include reduced drag, increased stability, induced cooling and removal of wrinkles. Our engineered products produce consistent results for the long-term.

Installed and utilized worldwide for over 30 years, and in thousands of lines, Pearl’s products will make any extrusion line better, new lines better than new! That’s why many OEMs install Pearl on their lines from the start. 

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