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Wicketing Application 

With Pearl’s Lightning Wicket Attachment and Punches, you can easily produce holes safely and efficiently, leading to higher overall bag output and a simpler and easier fulfillment and distribution process.

We supply wicketed bag manufacturers with many critical components along the production line. Our web handling and wicket hub and arms are the best in the business, and our punches and precision punching units meet your need for speed and clean holes and slits. 

Application Lab & Engineering Support 

With the broadest range of equipment and punches, we have the solution to your hole punching requirements.  Through testing, we can identify the best combination of equipment and punches to run at the speed you need, giving you the hole quality you require.  To learn more, visit our Application Lab.

Benefits of Working with Pearl

Pearl products are found in many areas along the wicketed bag manufacturing line. 

  • Consistent results 
  • Simple changeover  
  • Better safety  
  • Easy mounting & installation 
  • Unparalleled durability  
  • Minimize bag rejections 
  • Customizable wicket punches 

products offered

If you’re a wicketed bag making manufacturer, we have everything you need – from wicket hubs and arms to precision punching units to web handling equipment and more. 

Hub & Arms

Easily retrofit on any OEM wicket bag machine.

Equipment & Punches

Our units are designed to make operation simple and easy. Our one-piece punches snap in quickly, requiring no loosening of screws to adjust the slit-gap ratio.

Continuous Motion Punching Units

Our Multi-Punch Units and Punches ensure the fastest punch changeouts, yielding more efficient production lines.  

Intermittent Punching

We offer a wide variety of units are available to solve your punching solutions. 

Folding “V” Board Covers

A quick and efficient retrofit to your current OEM fold boards.  

Center Rotary Perf Unit

The upper rotary tooth blade plunges down into a die plate while the poly web is being pulled through the unit. 

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