Pearl is the industry expert in gusseting and makes the finest gussets in the world.  Gussets exert more force on the bubble than the tent itself so having a low COF (friction) is very critical.

Pearl can deliver two options for gusset board construction based on the size and type of your extrusion line:

  • Our Slat-Style gusset boards consist of a lightweight but sturdy Aluminum air space framework that utilize any of our Pearl’s low coefficient of friction plastic slats and Aluminum backers.
  • Our SM24 “Extreme-Slip” Gusset boards consist of welded Aluminum plate, surface-modified over 100% of the surface area with the hardest surface finish and lowest coefficient of friction material available.

Operational Benefits:

  • Lightweight
  • COF much lower than traditional gussets
  • Prevents heat buildup which can result in film blocking issues

Additional options:

  • Pearl’s removable tips and custom side panel cutouts allow full layflats without removing the entire gusset from the collapser
  • We also have an option for actuated gusset board slats so that they can be utilized as a side guide too

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