RIT holds week-long math program for eighth-grade girls July 17-21

Kids working with Pearl equipment

Rochester Institute of Technology held a week-long math program for 8th grade girls July 17th – 21st. The RIT Summer Math Applications in Science with Hands-on experience for girls, or SMASH, showed 8th graders the power of mathematical modeling. Teams of girls used math to decode mysteries in science and other real-world puzzles, while learning about future math-based careers.

On the July 21, companies were invited to the campus to partake in the Corporate Fair. Pearl Technologies was among nine other companies that sponsored and supported the event.

Pearl brought a Demo Punch Kit for girls to use to test their theories about the number of teeth and the ease of punching plastic. The girls also operated the Flex 3 to punch handle holes in their own bags.

“SMASH is designed to increase middle-school girls’ engagement and interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics),” said Kara Maki, program director and assistant professor in RIT’s School of Mathematical Sciences. “Our goal is to help girls build confidence in math and science, and the courage to pursue their interests.”

To learn more, visit https://www.rit.edu/castle/programs/smash/overview

YouTube Presentation, SMASH in 30 Seconds:https://youtu.be/aEvHkgraNW8

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