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How eCommerce Packaging Can Increase Sustainability

The global eCommerce plastic packaging market was worth $10.26 billion in 2020 – and it’s expected to grow to $21.78 billion by 2026 – a CAGR (combined annual growth rate) of 13.6%. But as the market for plastic packaging grows, packaging manufacturers need to think about sustainability. Plastic waste is a huge problem for consumers, […]

Why work with Pearl? We’re partners, not just producers.

Pearl Technologies is focused on bringing you top-of-the-line solutions to increase productivity, lower costs, and improve quality in your converting and extrusion processes. Our custom high-speed machine attachments and process enhancements have earned Pearl a reputation of high-valued, trusted partner to companies across the globe. Nearly forty years ago, we started out as a small […]

Pearl’s New Extrusion Control System

At Pearl Technologies we’ve put it all together! Blemish-free film from Pearl’s Integrated DPF Bubble Control Systems. Pearl’s new Bubble Cage and Bubble Guides with Digital Positioning Feedback (DPF) control systems deliver blemish-free web handling and repeatability from one production shift to the next. Centralized touchscreen controls offer expandable integration with other DPF actuated units […]

Understanding the Latest Trends in Poultry Packaging in America

Americans eat an average of 201 pounds of chicken per capita per year, making poultry the most common meat consumed in America by a wide margin. But what does the future of poultry packaging look like in America? What trends are driving innovation and growth? The Poultry Packaging Industry Is Growing Alongside the Poultry Production […]

Understanding the Value of Spin Punches for Large Bags in Foodservice and Retail

When converting heavy-duty, large bags often used for larger retail items or food services such as takeout, Pearl’s Spin Punches are ideal. In this article, we’ll take a look at why you should be using spin punches for doorknob punching, and how they can be beneficial when producing heavy-duty, large bags. Spin Punches Are Underutilized […]

How Pearl Technologies Bubble Guides and Cages Improve the Extrusion Process

For companies that focus on plastic extrusion and the manufacture of blown film, it can be difficult to determine what components and machines should be upgraded to ensure faster, more consistent, and defect-free technologies. Pearl Technologies has the solution. With proprietary bubble guides and cages, Pearl Technologies offers maintenance-free bubble control solutions, which provide excellent […]

Understanding Blown Film Extrusion: The Future of Extrusion

The extrusion industry is always changing for the better. One of the more important innovations in the world of extrusion is the continued improvement of blown film extrusion, and its ability to provide cost-effective, reliable results with minimal scrap, and better overall efficiency. In this blog post, we’ll discuss blown film extrusion, why it’s replacing […]

The Benefits of Switching from Shear-cutting to Toothed Punches

If you’re in the world of flexible packaging, you may be thinking about switching from shear-cut units (also known as “zero clearance” or “close tolerance” cutting or punching units) to toothed punch units, such as a Flex Unit from Pearl Technologies. Not sure what the benefits of doing so are? Here are a few of […]

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