How Pearl Technologies Bubble Guides and Cages Improve the Extrusion Process

For companies that focus on plastic extrusion and the manufacture of blown film, it can be difficult to determine what components and machines should be upgraded to ensure faster, more consistent, and defect-free technologies.

Pearl Technologies has the solution. With proprietary bubble guides and cages, Pearl Technologies offers maintenance-free bubble control solutions, which provide excellent performance at a low cost. Read on to learn more about how bubble guides from Pearl Technologies can improve your production line.

Understanding the Process of Plastic Extrusion: Why the Right Guides and Cages Matter

In the process of blown film extrusion, the stabilizer, such as guide, cage, or stabilizer arm, is the first thing that the plastic film will contact after being pressed and inflated. While many companies use Teflon or similar cages, guides and arms to guide their bubbles, these are not an ideal solution.

Teflon is very vulnerable to wear and tear. When Teflon rollers begin to wear, they can cause production issues like tearing, marking, and pinching of the bubble, which reduces efficiency and overall product quality.

Pearl Technologies Bubble Guides and Cages: The Key for More Efficient Production

So, what’s the solution? Bubble guides, cages, and arms from Pearl Technologies! Pearl Technologies has developed a unique, patented SM24 “Extreme Slip” surface technology, which is used in all of our bubble arms, guides, and cages.

SM24 Extreme Slip surface technology provides blemish-free results without any tracks, scratching or surface imperfections. Rollerless bubble guides and cages from Pearl Technologies allow for faster production, better product quality control, and lower overall maintenance, which means better performance and increased profits at your company.

Our proprietary bubble guides will never stick to the bubble or mark it. And because they contact the entire circumference of the bubble, it cools more effectively and is more stable, leading to higher overall output speeds.

With custom units available, as well as retrofitting for your current production setup, Pearl Technologies makes it easy for you to benefit from better bubble guide solutions.

Contact Pearl Technologies for More Information Today!

If you want to learn more and inquire about purchasing new bubble guides, arms or cages, or retrofitting your current production equipment, Pearl Technologies is here to help. You can contact us online, or give us a call at 315-365-3742 for more information about our products.

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