Case Study – Pearl Double Pivot Punch

Recently, a customer of ours was looking for an alternative to a traditional Maklaus ball/die punching unit, and Pearl Technologies provided a solution – the Double Pivot Punch. In this case study, we’ll take a look at the customer’s issue, how Pearl addressed the problem, and the benefits of choosing our Double Pivot Punch.

The Problem – Outdated Technology Takes Too Much Maintenance and Attention

Our client was using an older Maklaus ball/die system. While these systems are effective, they have some disadvantages, and have been around since the 70s. Our client indicated a number of different pain points that they wanted to address:

  • Maintenance-heavy design that required lots of attention
  • Excessive tooling wear and tear
  • Noisy design

To address these problems, our customer needed an advanced, modern system for punching laminated food pouches. And that’s exactly what we provided with the Double Pivot Punch.

The Solution – The Pearl Tech Double Pivot Punch

Our product was the ideal option for replacing older ball/die systems. Using the Double Pivot Punch, our client was able to use a tooth cutting system, instead of the older ball/die system.

Our punch was used on all waterline pouch lines, reducing noise and maintenance issues and ensuring higher effectiveness and throughput. While there was a slight difference in edge quality, this was irrelevant for the customer’s application, as the holes are only intended to expose layers in the gussets for sealing purposes.

The Result – A Better, More Efficient Production Line

So far, our client has been very satisfied with the performance of the Double Pivot Punch. Our product has been built with details in mind, making it durable, robust and easy to use – and the best choice for this project.

In addition, it offers vertical micro adjusting and center pivoting with very minimal resistance, ensuring proper cuts without tearing laminated webs. With additional features such as single or double-head options and other add-ons, it can be customized for almost any application.

Learn More About the Pearl Tech Double Pivot Punch Now!

If you are interested in learning more about this case study or about the Double Pivot Punch, contact Pearl Technologies right away to find out if this unique product is right for your manufacturing needs.


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