Know the Difference: Fabricated vs Machined Round Punches

Pearl has built a reputation for creating some of the very best punches in the world. We offer two lines of punches:

  • ​​​​Fabricated punches 
  • Machined punches

When you need high quality holes and tough punches built for thicker materials, we always recommend our fabricated punches, our Piranha and Barracuda product lines. These punches are made from double ground stainless steel, are razor sharp and can cut materials like paperboard, laminate, or thicker plastics.

As these are our best punches, first-time buyers have a perception that these fabricated punches are too expensive. However, once owned and installed on a line, they quickly realize the true value of their new high-end quality product, delivering life expectancies 5 to 10* times longer than traditional punches, especially when used on Pearl’s attachments.

Pearl outlines the differences between fabricated round punches and machined round punches.

We also manufacture our proven line of machined punches, our Tru-Kote and Shark. These punches offer an entry level punch for a broad segment of the market for punching PE film.

The bottom line is this, no one makes a sharper, longer lasting punch than Pearl. Our fabricated, handcrafted punches require several processes to achieve such quality and reliability. Many large companies have switched all their facilities to Pearl’s punches due to the added value of longevity and quality. Don’t wait, make the change today:  315-365-3742 or

Still not sure our Piranha and/or Barracuda punches are right for your needs? Order a couple to trial on your equipment, or send in some samples and we’ll do the testing for you in our Application Lab!​​​​


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