Understanding the Value of Spin Punches for Large Bags in Foodservice and Retail

When converting heavy-duty, large bags often used for larger retail items or food services such as takeout, Pearl’s Spin Punches are ideal.

In this article, we’ll take a look at why you should be using spin punches for doorknob punching, and how they can be beneficial when producing heavy-duty, large bags.

Spin Punches Are Underutilized in Bag Production and Processing

Pearl’s Spin Punches are incredibly fast and efficient, and cut a cleaner hole than many other comparable types of punching units, making them a good choice for high-quality bags.  However, one caveat is that these holes typically must be larger than 1” in diameter, and smaller than 5”.  And, unlike some other types of punches, Spin Punches create a completely round hole, which is not desirable in every application.  Despite this, these attributes make Spin Punches a great choice for high-quality plastic bags.

A Spin Punch Is Ideal For “Doorknob” Punching on Polyethylene Bags

“Doorknob” holes are ideal for high-quality polyethylene bags, which are often called “Sinewave” bags.  These bags use a high-quality polyethylene material which offers superior durability, strength, and stiffness when compared to traditional low-density polyethylene shopping bags and grocery bags.

These bags also have a more unique, premium feel than traditional “T-shirt” retail bags, and are leak-proof and have a larger opening for easy loading.  Sinewave style bags are ideal for doorknob punching.  Our Spin Punch can easily create a clean, strong round hole, providing a convenient handle for the user of the bag and minimizing the risk of tearing.

The result is a superior-quality bag with a robust handle, which is sure to leave a great impression on your customers, particularly when compared to traditional, thin, weak shopping bags.

Learn More About Spin Punches from Pearl Tech Now

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of Pearl Spin Punches, or about any of our other products for package manufacturing, please contact us today! We can help you get the equipment you need to create high-quality packages, including Spin Punches, and a wide variety of other auxiliary machines.

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