The Benefits of Switching from Shear-cutting to Toothed Punches

If you’re in the world of flexible packaging, you may be thinking about switching from shear-cut units (also known as “zero clearance” or “close tolerance” cutting or punching units) to toothed punch units, such as a Flex Unit from Pearl Technologies. Not sure what the benefits of doing so are? Here are a few of the best reasons you should think about switching from shearing equipment to toothed punch units.

Toothed Punch Units Are Less Expensive

Compared to a shear-cut unit, a toothed punch is less expensive to run, overall. The cost of tooling and upkeep is lower, which helps you minimize operational costs in your company, and do more with less.

Over time, the lower costs of a toothed punch unit like a Pearl Flex Unit will help you recoup the cost of upgrading and changing your equipment and tooling. As a long-term investment, it’s hard to beat a toothed punch – especially if your shear-cut units are beginning to show signs of aging.

Low Maintenance Leads to Higher Uptime

Another benefit of toothed punch unit is that they are relatively simple and require minimal maintenance, beyond periodic equipment checks. The tooling lasts a long time, and failure rates are very low.  Plus, replacing is easy – just order a new punch rather than the entire cutter and die assembly or sharpening the unit.

This helps you save on the cost and headaches of regular equipment maintenance, and also leads to higher overall uptime on your line – which means you can move more product, and increase your overall profitability.

Flexible Designs for More Versatility

 While shear-cutting units are powerful and useful for some applications in the converting industry, like cutting more rigid materials with little stretch like PP, metalized films, foils, laminates and pouches, they are not very versatile – meaning you may be hamstrung when it comes to innovation in your industry.

In contrast, toothed punches like our Flex Units can be adapted to almost any application – allowing for increased versatility, and ensuring you can continue to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions. An added perk of our Flex Units is that you can swap out the cutter for different shapes and sizes so you can run a bunch of different profile/patterns off one unit.  Shear-cutting does remove the scalloped edges, but with the right toothed cutter and unit, you can get equally clean-cut holes!

Explore Our Toothed Punch Units

At Pearl Technologies, our Flex Units are top-of-the-line toothed punches which combine all of the above benefits and features to provide you with excellent quality, fantastic performance, and high uptime.  But we offer more than just Flex Units. Our Pivot Punch, Lightning Unit, Drawstring Swipe-cut, and Spin Punch all use toothed punches.

If you’re interested in learning more about Pearl’s tooth punches and attachments, please contact us. We would be happy to discuss this topic in further detail, and help you determine if toothed punches from Pearl are right for you!




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