Trade In Program: Out with the old and in with the new!

Pearl regularly receives requests to upgrade older pieces of OEM equipment. However, even with upgrades, these units will never produce the same quality or results as an original Pearl attachment. Knowing this, we have come up with something that is unheard of in the industry: a trade-in program. This revolutionary concept is our effort to help you upgrade from your old and tired equipment to Pearl’s modern, high speed, state of the art units.

We’re constantly innovating and improving the designs of our converting equipment. Try any one of our Flex Units, Sealers, Ball and Die Units, and/or other attachments and update your line with the highest quality products available.

To take advantage of this program, get an estimate on your used, competitive unit(s) that need replacing and we’ll take care of the rest! Don’t see a shape or size you want? We even include custom units and designs with our trade-in program!


Flex Units 1 - 5Flex Units 1 – 5

Interchangeable punch and die systems that produce high quality holes. Decrease downtime with added convenience. Various shapes and sizes available. Optional pivot mount assembly for faster changeovers.


Flex SealerFlex Sealer

Ideal for sealing both poly bags or pouches in the bag making process. Ability to change sealing style, pattern, shape or size. Simply change the sealer module(s) to create the type of seal required. Available in side rail or cross rail, carriages are optional.


Pivot PunchPivot Punch

Engineered for non-stopping webs. Features toothed punches designed for continuous motion punching applications. Quick, quiet, and durable. Works great with most pouch applications. Double headed pivot option available.


Zero ClearanceZero Clearance

Cuts cleaner holes in pouch, laminate, and metalized films, reducing the risk of film tearing. Ideal for packaging where hole perfection is required, such as medical packaging and easy-to-tear films. Different sizes and profiles available.


Lightning Unit

Lightning Unit

Safety box changes punches in seconds. Built-in scale for quick hole spacing adjustments. Patented clamp extends punch life. No more customer rejects. Simple mounting and installation. Quick cylinder removal.


Ball and Die UnitsBall and Die Units

Clean, high quality holes. Adjustable die height to allow for resharpening. Tool-less die button changes. Accommodates punch diameters up to 2.5”. Optional sound proofing and/or slug removal systems available.


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