Showcasing New Large Sized Cross Rail Ball & Die Unit

Pearl is championing the availability of its Large Sized Cross Rail Ball and Die Unit. Like its smaller counterparts, this attachment allows for hole punching in the middle of continuous motion webs. The two-piece split punch and die system (top and bottom halves) allows the web to pass in-between, while the sure alignment structure guarantees that punches are centered over the dies.

The new D-Size unit has a maximum punch size of 2.25 inches in diameter. “Pearl’s customers asked for larger ball and die options to accommodate their converting applications,” says Nik Green, senior R&D manufacturing engineer at Pearl. “So we scaled up the unit and tested it in our R&D Application Lab. We can now say that we offer another solution for converters who are looking for larger hole applications.”

Pearl’s attachment offers adjustable height to allow for die re-sharpening. The clean, high quality holes are great for drawstring bags, agricultural films or any other flexible packaging requirement. A vibration dampening carriage reduces noise. Additional options include a venturi unit for slug removal or electrical controller to accommodate varying patterns as well as speeds. FP

Unit was on display at PACK EXPO International 2018.

Article found in Flexible Packaging Magazine:

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