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We’re proud of the work we do and we’re always happy to have the opportunity to show it off to the rest of the world. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at one of the latest projects we’ve done, and we’ll discuss how we were able to save our customers time and money, enhance their efficiency, and improve the speed of their production line dramatically.

The Project – Replacing hole & slit punching units on High Speed Wicket Bag Machines

We were brought in by a customer, who was a bread wicket bag maker, to help improve the speed, safety, and efficiency of their production line. Their goal was to ensure quicker change-outs for punching assemblies, which would result in less downtime, and higher efficiency.

The unit we utilized for this was our Lightning Wicket Punch Attachment, built with 2 holes with slits. We replaced 50 machines in total, which used single acting cylinders, had no web clamp, and used old-style punching assemblies.

These machines were replaced with double acting air cylinders, web clamps, punch enclosure safety boxes, Pearl punch assemblies, and removable die plates and cylinders. We retrotiffted the entire plant, ensuring that these older, outdated units were removed and completely replaced.

The Benefits Of Our Project And Its Results

The end result of our project had five major benefits:

  • Better quality holes & slits – Using web clamps and Pearl punch assemblies, we were able to increase the overall quality of the holes and slits punched in the end product.
  • Safe operation – Safety boxes and modern design ensure worker safety, which helps minimize interruptions and create a safer working environment. Also, the safety box now keeps staff from cutting their hands.
  • Longer lasting tooling – Pearl punch assemblies are durable and long-lasting (3-4x longer with use of the web clamps), and the web clamps help increase tension in the material, extending cutter and die life.
  • Less down time for change-outs – The modern design of our Lightning Attachments and tooling allow changeovers to be done in seconds instead of minutes, minimizing interruptions.

Maintenance staff enjoys the ease of removing the entire front end of the machine without having to remove parts such as cylinders, punch and slit blade individually.

  • Less maintenance – Our low-maintenance double acting air cylinders use no springs, are faster, and are longer-lasting than single-acting units, ensuring high durability for the new machine installation.

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