A Pearl Success Story – Slit Perfing/Servo Units

A Pearl Success Story – Slit Perfing/Servo Units

At Pearl, we’re always happy to share success stories from our customers. In this blog, we will discuss a recent unit we provided to a client in Houston, Texas, and how it has provided the company with a competitive advantage.


Installation of Pearl’s Slit Perfing/Servo Unit Was Done Summer 2018

The client approached Pearl with a request for a new slit perfing/servo unit, but required a few key elements:

  • The unit had to be web driven, with an encoder to ensure that it would properly match their web speeds
  • The maximum web width had to be 70”
  • Desired speed of 600 to 750 feet per minute


We immediately began developing and customizing a unit to match their unique requirements. Pearl’s units are web driven and come with an encoder that can be customized to almost any width so there were no issues fulfilling their product requirements as well as meeting the required installation lead-time.


The Pearl Competitive Advantage – And How It Helps

Choosing a slit perfing/servo unit from Pearl has variety of added benefits.

  • Quick change release shaft – The entire shaft is removable with the pin perf tooling on it. This is for easy switching from one set up to another without adjusting the tooling side to side.
  • Longest-lasting blades on the market – Due to our specialized materials and coatings, we have the longest-lasting slit blades on the market. This provides our customers with superior cutting power and durability, minimizing production downtime while enhancing profitability.


For these reasons – and more – the client has been extremely satisfied with their new Slit Perfing/Servo unit from Pearl.


Contact Us Today to Learn More!

If you’re interested in learning more details about the newest addition to the Pearl product line, or you’re thinking about investing in a Pearl unit for your company, please contact us online at sales@pearltechinc.com or call 315-365-3742. We are always happy to help!


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