Big Trends in Packaging – What to Look Out for This Year

If you’re wondering what trends you can expect to see in the world of product packaging this year and beyond, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll discuss a few of today’s top trends and how your brand can take inspiration from them.



Minimalism, eschewing too many colors and graphics for simple lines, clear text, and a muted color scheme, has become very popular in recent years.

This may be a response to how bright and bold most product packages are today, counter-intuitively, the best way to stand out among a selection of busy, loud products may actually be to adopt a minimalistic design!


Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable packaging is another trend that continues to grow in popularity, especially as eco-conscious millennials begin to make up the largest consumer market in the US. Younger customers say that sustainability is a top priority, so recyclable packaging and packaging made from post-consumer recycled materials can help boost your brand’s image among young consumers.


Bold Colors and Prints

Bold colors and metallic accents have grown in popularity, as they offer a unique way to set your products apart from the crowd. Modern packaging techniques and machines have made it easier than ever to create unique prints and colors, and incorporate materials like metal foil.


Transparent Package Windows

This is especially popular in food packaging. A transparent plastic window into a package gives customers the chance to see the product for themselves before they buy it and provides a unique visual contrast that sets the product apart.


Vintage-Inspired Designs

As popular products like Not Your Father’s Root Beer have shown, vintage packaging inspired by turn-of-the-century illustrations and color schemes can help your brand stand out in a unique way. Designs inspired by the vintage ads and labels of yesteryear are sure to stand out among modern logos and package designs – so many brands are turning to retro and vintage-inspired designs for their packaging.


Keep Your Company Ahead of the Competition with These Trends!

Whether you work in the packaging industry, or you are redesigning product packages to meet the expectations of today’s customers, you’ll want to understand these trends, adopt them to stay ahead of your competitors, and ensure your products have an edge in today’s crowded marketplace.

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