Why Pearl Is The Leader In Gussets And Bubble Cage Sets

At Pearl, we make the finest gusset boards in the world – and we also specialize in bubble cages for the best possible manufacturing results. Read on, and learn more about why we’re the industry leader in film gusseting and bubble control.

A Better Gusset For Better Results

At Pearl Technologies, we understand that since gusset boards exert more force on the bubble than the tent itself, a low COF (coefficient of friction) is critical. That’s why we use a lightweight Aluminum frame, CFAL-1, for our gussets – and cover them with low COF materials for better results. We also integrate SM24 “Extreme-Slip” coatings for even better results.

As a result, we create gussets boards that are lightweight, have a lower COF compared to other products, and have enhanced cooling. Unlike solid wooden gusset boards, our boards are lighter in weight, have more slip, run cooler, and maintain their geometry for a much longer period of time.

Invest In High-Quality Bubble Stabilizers & Cages To Enhance Product Quality

With a proprietary design, our bubble stabilizers and cages are the best in the business. The bubble stabilization cage is the first thing the film makes contact with after it leaves the extruder – so accurate, blemish-free bubble control is essential.

The Pearl SM24 “Extreme-Slip” coating ensures that the contact arms will not mark the bubble or stick to it – and provides excellent stability, resulting in higher overall output speeds.

Insights Into Our Gusset Boards, Bubble Stabilizers and Cages

Interested in more insights into our products? Here are a few more features.

  • Collapsing Tent Slats – Our collapsing tent slats maintain optimum film quality and output by providing low friction, scratch-free, alternative to wood slats and expensive roller technologies.  
  • Side Guides – Side guides help with better roll edges by keeping the layflat properly centered in the tent with minimal drag. Avoid makeshift stabilizers like cardboard tubes, 2x4s, and broomsticks that create unwanted variables in the film. Pearl Side guides take care of business. 
  • Rollerless Cage Arms – Our rollerless SM24 Cage Arms prevent pinching, marking, and tearing of the bubble for consistent, scratch-free film production.

Contact Us For More Information About Gussets, Bubble Stabilizers and Cages!

Looking to enhance film quality and manufacturing speed? Pearl is the best option. Contact us online or give us a call at 315-365-3742 to learn more about our products – and see how you can benefit from working with us.

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