The Benefits Of Pouch Packaging: We Have The Solutions

As flexible packaging becomes more and more common and desirable in today’s market, pouch packaging is emerging as one of the most important new packaging solutions in many different industries – particularly stand-up pouches.

But with new opportunities come new challenges. At Pearl Technologies, we’re here to help. We understand the challenges facing packaging companies creating pouch packaging – and we have the solutions you need to form strong seals, cut clean edges, punch hanger holes, add tear notches, and more.

Understanding Common Types And Applications Of Pouch Packaging

Typically, laminated pouches are made from plastic films like PE, which is the most common, as well as PET, laminates, and some types of metal foils. While the majority of pouches are heat sealed, there are some types that are bonded with adhesives, as well. Common types of pouches include:

  • Stand up
  • Retort
  • 3 Side
  • Spouted
  • Zipper
  • Quad seal
  • Fin seal

Thanks to their versatility, pouches are used in almost every single industry – from the automotive industry to chemicals, dairy products, drinks, medicinal products, ready-to-eat meals, pet food and treats, produce, snack foods, and so much more.

The Benefits Of Pouch Packaging

Why are pouch packages so popular? There are a few reasons that more brands than ever are ditching traditional rigid packaging and turning to stand-up pouches and other types of flexible pouches.

  • Pouches are lightweight while still providing excellent product integrity
  • Pouches are easy to store and transport, both for vendors and end-users
  • Most pouches are easy to carry and reseal, making them more versatile than single-use bags and other types of packages
  • Pouches are an inexpensive packaging solution compared to other alternatives
  • Pouches enable the visibility of products to appeal to customers, thanks to modern flexographic printing techniques
  • Well-designed pouches support a stable shelf life and help maintain product freshness.

How Pearl Technologies Can Help You Create Better Pouch Packaging

Pouches are a popular choice, but they are also quite challenging to make. Low-quality flexible packages are prone to leakage and spoilage, and may be more susceptible to damage during transport.

At Pearl Technologies, we’re experts in flexible packaging, blown film, and so much more. We produce custom-built products that enable our partners to create high-quality, consistent flexible packaging including plastic pouches.

With our wide variety of converting equipment, you can create pouches with strong seals, ensure properly-cut edges, and add desirable features like tear notches and hanger holes. We make it easy to streamline your manufacturing operations, increase throughput, and boost profits – all without sacrificing pouch quality.

Contact Pearl Technologies Today To Get Started

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