New Unit: A Heavy Duty Pouch Puncher

Pearl’s Heavy Duty Pouch Puncher is designed specifically for punching heavy duty, multi-layer PE and laminated bags and pouches during the intermittent cycle of a bag or pouch machine line. The unit operates pneumatically and utilizes a cutter design with oversized teeth, along with interchangeable die plate and independent web clamp. Available in either a side rail or cross rail configuration, which can be adapted to any bag or pouch machine. The maximum achievable cut out is 10” x 10” (254mm x 254mm). This new innovative technology allows Pearl to cut cleaner shapes in thicker materials with ease.


  • Oversized tooth profile for cutting clean shapes
  • Interchangeable cutter and die minimizes set up and changeover time
  • Operator safe
  • Custom web clamp sizes available
  • Optional slug removal
  • Standard signal voltages available: 110 VAC, 220 VAC, 24VAC, and 24VDC


Call or email Pearl to learn more:  315-365-3742 or

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