High-Quality Units for Your Stand Up Pouch Manufacturing

Double Headed Pivot Punch

We offer a range of hole types: tear notch, hanger hole, handle hole, and vent holes.  Our products can adapt to changing market demands, as we built our products with sustainability and versatility in mind.  From seal to slit to hole, we have a full line solution.

Are two of our most popular units are the Pivot Punch and Zero Clearance Units:

The Pivot Punch is engineered for non-stopping webs, featuring toothed punches designed for continuous motion punching applications. Quick, quiet, durable and safe to handle, easy to use. Spring-loaded pivot allows for higher cycling speeds.  Single or double headed versions available.

Our Zero Clearance Punching Units reflect Pearl’s commitment to product quality, speed and unparalleled longevity. Nice, clean, crisp holes that won’t propagate a tear.  Ideal for packaging where

Performance Zero Clearance Punch

hole perfection is required, such as medical packaging or easy-to-tear films.  Two versions available: Performance or Value.

We also stock and manufacture a variety of punches from rounds to hanger holes to handle holes and so much more. Don’t see a shape or size you want? Ask about our custom punches and inserts!

Standard sizes in stock. To learn more, contact Pearl today: sales@pearltechinc.com or 315-365-3742.

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