Launch of New Ecommerce Website

Savannah, NY (October 18, 2023) . . . Pearl Technologies, a division of EDGE Industrial Technologies, has announced it has launched a new ecommerce website.

The new website, which can be found at, features over 200 of Pearl’s most popular products including punches, blades, air cylinders, adapters and other items.  Users can easily sign up for an account on the website.  Customers who use the site can access not only the 200-plus items, but also any other items they have purchased from Pearl over the past 12 months.

Key features of the new ecommerce site include:

  • Narrowing a search by using various product specifications helps users get to exactly what they’re looking for, easy and fast.
  • All shop items display current on-hand stock, addressing user’s availability questions, and
  • The site is fully integrated with Pearl’s standard website, so users can toggle back and forth between the two sites with ease.

“We are always working to make it as easy as possible for customers to work with Pearl,” said Jane Coyne, President of Pearl Technologies. “This new ecommerce platform is a great example of that.  It allows customers to quickly and easily order what they need when they want it—night or day or even on the weekends as the need arises.”

Coyne emphasized that something that has not changed is Pearl’s customer service team—they are available to answer any product or service questions. “Our experienced customer support and engineering team is a great resource, ready to answer any questions customers may have,” she said.  “The new ecommerce site only adds to our commitment to enhance our customers’ experience.  The new site is mobile friendly, allowing users the ability to order parts on-the-fly, as needed, too.”

About Pearl Technologies

Pearl Technologies is the world’s leading manufacturer of punches for the converting market.  Pearl also designs and builds standard and custom high-speed machine attachments for punching holes, perforating, and slitting for the converting industry. The company also offers blown film extrusion process enhancements that improve film quality at higher outputs and reduce maintenanceIn 1985, Pearl began as a small company in Savannah, NY. Now, Pearl is recognized as a leader in the plastics industry with more than two-dozen patents and a lineup of over 3,000 solution-driven products.

About EDGE Industrial Technologies

EDGE Industrial Technologies is comprised of three industry leading brands – TGW International, Pearl Technologies Inc., and Leverwood Knife Works. EDGE companies are leading producers of industrial machine knives and blades, industrial punches, and related equipment, for a wide variety of markets including packaging, processing, converting and print, as well as for general industrial applications. EDGE Industrial Technologies is a global leader in the manufacture of these products, with plants in Europe, North America, and Asia.

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