Got Wrinkles? Take control with Pearl’s Spreader Bar!

Wrinkles can be caused by a variety of different reasons. Thankfully, Pearl has the answer. Our innovative Spreader Bars will correct wrinkle issues at almost any point downstream past the upper nip rollers.

Features include:

  • Wrinkle prevention
  • Reduced friction
  • Low maintenance and easy to install and adjust
  • Self-cleaning product
  • Lane separation
  • Inside mount or as top or bottom mount (click here for a visual)
  • Choice of plastic coverings or proprietary coatings
  • Sizes between 12″ and 12′ ( 30.5cm and 365cm)
  • Custom built to your specifications

Unlike banana rolls, bowed rollers, or web spreaders, Pearl’s product does not have moving rollers. Film simply flows over a bowed spreader, which can be adjusted for deflection even with a moving web. The result is a “smoothing of the film,” preventing the possibility of wrinkles.

The simplicity of Pearl’s spreader bar design allows it to be placed in multiple locations along the film’s path, ensuring smooth film that is not scratched or stretched. It’s a cost-effective solution for blown film extrusion, as well as applications such as bag or pouch making, printing, laminating, and nonwovens.

For more technical information, a quotation or consultation, please contact our Sales Team at or +1 (315) 365-3742.

To download our EZ Adjust Spreader Bar datasheet, click here.  To download our Remote Control Spreader Bar datasheet, click here.

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