The Future of Pouches in the Packaging Solutions Industry

As the world’s typical consumer changes attitudes and consumption behaviors, manufacturers are moving towards new forms of production, presentation, and distribution. At the same time, producers are working on improving their own processes and educating the public toward the signs of progress made by technology or logistics within their industries.

There are several notable examples in history where manufacturing has revolutionized the way the consumer receives a product, and vice-versa. In this article, we will discuss the big change in the way food, cosmetics, and other products are packaged.

The most significant change in the way we pack our product today is the fact that, due to logistic challenges, producers have found a way to minimize the space occupied by their cargo. More efficient transport saves companies a lot of money and contributes to more sustainable trade. Rigid packaging is replaced by flexible packaging solutions, with pouches being one of the most notable solutions.

Zipper Pouches and the New Standard in Food Packaging

As industries shift towards greener practices, the zipper pouch seems to answer most of the needs of both producers and customers. With the end clients demanding fresh products and recyclable packaging, the procedures are more inclined to use zipper pouches than rigid packaging.

The increased use of zipper pouches for foods, medicine, and cosmetics is estimated to be steady for at least a decade. Consumers want fresh food that they can take with them, and choose flexible packaging that can be opened and resealed as they wish.

Companies are using recyclable raw materials for their zipper pouches and market them intensely to the general public. The acceptance and openness of the latter are clear, as people appreciate the practicality of the packaging.

Notable Examples of How Pouches Are Used for Foods and Drinks

While pouches are mainly used for dry food products and frozen foods, their efficiency can be applied to many different types of products. Baby and toddler snacks and meals are now widely available in the form of shelf-stable pouches. A vast variety of foods can be stored in pouches, as there are different types.

Many manufacturers hesitate to use modern, ecofriendly packaging methods like pouches, preserving a traditional image of what a high-end product should look and feel like. But the paradigm is shifting and the public becomes more and more aware of sustainability and eco-friendliness.

A great example of companies having the courage to make this step is Darley’s Gin, a modern brand that focuses on clean eating, sustainability, and tradition. They have recently launched their product as a pouch-packaged drink, encouraging their customers to re-use their glass bottles instead of buying a new one each time.

Another great way of using pouches is the appearance of ready-to-eat food meals. Prevalent today as people have less time to cook, yet want to go towards cleaner, healthier eating, these pouches are easy to carry around, easy to consume, yet efficient in keeping fresh food fresh.

Do You Need Flexible Packaging Solutions?

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